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This center will collect the latest information in the field of petroleum testing, in particular, marine bunker fuels and lubricating and hydraulic oils. Dr. Vis has contributed several papers in this field and some of these papers are listed below.

Bunker Fuel Quality - Is the Staus Quo Acceptable?

Bunker Problems - Light at the end of the Tunnel?

Common Sense in Bunker Fuel Selection and Testing

Down the line, we will add a section where you can ask any question or clear any doubts that you may have. The answers will be provided by Dr. Vis or other experts in the field. This site will provide ready reference for knowledge based queries.

Fuel Oil Analysis Documents from Viswalab

We recommend visitors to save these Microsoft Word documents by right-clicking the mouse and selecting the option for saving these links to your local drive.

Onboard Test Kit
Fuel Oil Analysis
Fuel Oil Analysis Information Form
Commercial Invoice
Chief Engineer Report
Bunker Fuel MSDS
ISO 8217 Table 1
ISO 8217 Table 2


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