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A New Approach To Solving Bunker Problems

Bunker fuel quality is rapidly deteriorating and the prospects for improvement are not within sight. Rather than continue a seemingly endless struggle with suppliers or pay excessive rates to get “super fuel,” VLC can empower its clients with common sense solutions at no-nonsense rates. VLC is riding a new wave with a new approach, providing clients reliable analysis results and recommendations of great practical use.

VLC’s Signature Services . . .

- provide clients with knowledge-based tools to handle poor quality bunker fuels.
- enable clients to buy the available bunker fuel at normal market prices.
- advise treatment of fuel on-board with available equipment and additives.
- thus, ensure that only clean, good fuel reaches the engine.

VLC provides its growing list of clients with the analysis, interpretation of data, recommendations, and necessary follow-up to ensure the effective functioning of on-board treatment plants such as purifiers, filters, and settling tanks.


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