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VISWA LAB CORPORATION (VLC) is a dynamic, entrepreneurial team of scientists,engineers, and support professionals with a long-standing reputation for technical excellence in the field of fuel oils, lubes, hydraulic oils, environmental analysis, NDE, and failure analysis.

Known previously as Analytical Services & Materials, Inc. (AS&M), VLC is managed by Dr. Vis who provided managerial and technical leadership for the AS&M lab that moved to Houston, Texas and was renamed VISWA LAB CORPORATION following management restructuring in mid-1999. Clients receive the same high-quality, cost-effective products and services long associated with Dr. Vis and his professional colleagues at AS&M Lab.

Customer satisfaction, quality, speed of service and economical rates are the primary driving principles of VLC. Commitment to technical excellence and state-of-the-art technology will continue to define the image of VISWA LAB CORPORATION.


Viswa Lab and its predecessor AS&M lab have been in the business of testing for over eight years. During this period, petroleum products and engineering materials have been tested using latest instruments and to the highest level of quality and accuracy. Innumerable failure analysis studies have been carried out to determine the cause of material failure and fuel related failure.

Viswa Lab has created a niche position for itself with a one stop shop concept of chemical testing, mechanical testing, destructive testing, non-destructive testing to determine the cause of a failure or the prognosis of a machinery related problem. It will not be necessary for a customer to go to four different places to get all aspects of a failure analyzed.


Dr. Vis, whose name the lab carries, is a Phd. In metallurgical engineering, a masters in internal combustion engineering and a bachelors in marine engineering. He has worked as chief engineer on ships, senior surveyor to the classification society American Bureau of Shipping. Since 1991, he has been associated with the materials evaluation activity of metals, composites and petroleum products. It is this unique combination of all three facets that has propelled him as one of the top experts in this field.

The lab is ably supported by other Phd., masters and bachelor degree holders in chemistry and chemical engineering.. Due to association with Nasa, the continuous contact with the cutting edge of technology is assured. The lab staff stay abreast of all the latest developments through participation in associations, societies that promote this technology.


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